The company’s history

The manufacturing and trading company “PRIMART” Mark Lukasiewicz, was established in September 1995 in the village of Duczki, village Wołomin close to Warsaw.

Initially it was a small family business, which over the years became an independent medium-sized company producing a wide range of confectionery. We are characterized by engagement with partners and continuous cooperation of the owners of the employees capable of producing at the highest level of quality and flexibility in ensuring competitive prices.

The company’s mission is to strive owners and all employees of PPH PRIMART Mark Lukasiewicz, to the final product reaching your recipients was not only safe from a health point of view, which is required by law. We try to be manufactured by us are always top-notch, which affects customer satisfaction and loyalty, Reforging the same time the growing visibility and reputation of the company.

Continuous investments in machinery and human resource development contribute to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. In 2013 the company P.P.H. PRIMART Mark Lukasiewicz, thanks to partial funding from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013 Mazowiecki, doposażyła one of the lines in automatic robot collecting cookies. It is one of several such machines in Poland!

We continually design new products – listening to feedback from our customers, keeping an eye on trends in the industry, we derive the potential to work with us experts in different fields to create products of the highest quality.

Customers are offered a comprehensive design assistance in the development and implementation of new products – from the initial review of the specialized inquiries, through selection and modification of raw materials, then multi-technological tests and the estimation of financial resources, to deliver a new product to the customer ending.

Product innovation is our standard!


The manufacturing and trading company “PRIMART” Mark Lukasiewicz, was established in September 1995 in the village of Duczki, village Wołomin close to Warsaw.

Customers in Poland

Favorable sales conditions and attractive prices are advantages affecting the development of cooperation with many customers throughout the country. We ship our products to more than 10 largest retail chains in Poland.


Customers in Europe

The PRIMART products are also present in the foreign markets. Quality products and excellent levels of customer service, has been recognized already in 12 countries on several continents.


Products quality

We have implemented the international standard for food safety IFS, which testifies to the fact that the products manufactured by us are not only extremely secure, but also the quality of each production batch is reproducible.

The functioning of the quality management system is annually certified by external independent accredited certification body, SGS, and several times during each year through audits retailers with whom we work.

We can guarantee our customers quality products through continuous internal controlling incoming of raw materials or packaging materials, and products leaving the production line. All suppliers working with P.P.H. PRIMART Mark Lukasiewicz shall be approved once a year and monitored on an ongoing basis. All the raw materials that we use are strictly selected and do not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

We use palm oil originating from plantations derived at sustainable production (RSPO- Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in the model B & C GreenPalm (Book & Claim). On request of the client, we are able to offer higher models of MB (Mass Balance) and SG (Segregated).
We offer the ability to produce kosher pastry goods. We work with external accredited national laboratories which analysis certify about the safety products produced in PPH PRIMART Mark Łukasiewicz.

Focus on customer

Achieving a customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Continuous improvement of products, for the sake of it, that they will be competitive and that their sales remained firm and its personnel.

Quality control

Raw materials, packaging and goods checked internally as well as in the external laboratory.


Top management and each employee individually pursue the goals together quality based on partnership.


Modernization of machinery and the continuing education of the staff allows for raising the efficiency of all the processes.

Without GMO

We do not use GMO ingredients in our products.